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3 Things to Consider Before Buying A Medicare Supplement or Advantage Plan In Atlanta.

If you are living in the Atlanta Georgia area, you are aware of something that a lot of Americans do not know: Atlanta is a great place to live and retire.  We have all the Amenities of a Major U.S. city, yet we still enjoy a way of living that is different, less frantic, and more personal than the hustle and bustle you find in most Northern Metropolises.  Fortunately, things just seem to move at a more reasonable pace in Georgia.  We really do take time to smell the roses.

Now if one can just purchase the perfect Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage coverage - well things just couldn't get more ideal.

What you want to avoid, is for your Southern lifestyle to be hampered by a Medicare supplement insurance choice that was not well thought out.  Following are these 3 initial steps to acquiring a first-rate Medicare Supplement, or Medicare Advantage plan:

1.  Know the Medicare eligibility requirements.

You must be covered by Medicare before you can qualify for a Medicare plan supplement, or Medicare Advantage plan.  Surprisingly there are some circumstances that can make you ineligible for Medicare - even if you are a U.S. citizen.  For example, if you have not paid a sufficient amount of social security employee withheld taxes into the system, you may not qualify.  This circumstance can sometime arise if you or your spouse has not had a long enough history of full-time employment.  The situation can be remedied but, you may have to pay an additional fee in order to be eligible.

2.  Know which Medicare (Medigap) options are available to you in the Atlanta, GA region.

Once you are covered by Medicare, you will have an array of Medicare insurance options to choose from.  Medicare supplement plans are offered in specific benefit packages that are signified by letters of the alphabet.  For example: Medicare Supplement Plan A, Medicare Supplement Plan N, Medicare Supplement plan G.  The benefits of these plans are standardized by law.  So, no matter which insurance company is issuing the plan, the benefits for each plan type are generally the same.  Consequently, a Medicare Supplement Plan F offered by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, is required to provide the same general benefits as a Medicare Supplement Plan F issued by Cigna, or Mutual of Omaha.

There are also Medicare Advantage plans.  The benefit structure of these type of Medicare insurance plan options are entirely different.  They generally provide more comprehensive coverage at a lower cost.  However, they are likely to have more restrictions on usages and networks.  Be sure you fully understand how Medicare Advantage plans work, before signing up for one.

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3.  Know what you can afford.

Whether you reside in the Atlanta region, or anywhere else, when considering a Medicare Supplement plan, you must take into account your long-term financial budget.  You can expect the monthly premium for any Medicare Supplement plan you choose to trend upward in price.  Therefore, you need to have a good idea as to what your financial position will be for the foreseeable future.

All of these issues should be discussed with a Medicare Insurance specialist.  We are happy to help.  Give us a call today.

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