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Finding Short Term Health Insurance in Fort Myers Florida

Short Term Health Insurance In Fort Myers Florida

Thanks to changes in the law, there are now new short-term health plans that featuring benefits that actually rival the benefits offered by traditional health insurance plans.  Traditional health insurance plans can be costly - extremely so if you are not receiving a subsidy from the government.
Even so, if you are like most Fort Myers Floridians, being without healthcare coverage is not a risk that you can afford.  It is a mistake few are willing to make, especially considering the availability of affordable short-term options.  For this reason, many families have turned to short-term or "gap" insurance to obtain the coverage and flexibility they need.

What is Short-Term Health Insurance coverage?
Whether it's to bridge the gap between employer group health plans or to search for alternatives to Medicaid and the like, many Americans may find themselves without health insurance for at least a short period of time.  Millions of families have found that short-term health insurance is a fitting solution for health coverage while they explore long-term plans.  Often referred to as "gap insurance," short-term health insurance provides affordable coverage benefits for individuals, their spouses, and their dependents if applicable.  These types of insurance plans cover emergencies, take effect quickly, and are easy to cancel whenever you decide you're ready to move on.  What's new is the fact that short-term health plans are not as "short" as they used to be.  In Fort Myers, you may renew a short-term health plan for periods of a year or even longer.  In some cases, as long as 3 years.

Is short-term health insurance right for me?
Whether or not short-term health insurance is right for you depends on the unique details of your situation.  Consider the following common reasons why many choose to carry temporary medical insurance during their gap periods.  If any of these reasons sound similar to your situation, short-term health insurance might be right for you.

Good to know:  Do the math.  When shopping for health insurance, most people focus on the monthly premiums, but you also need to take a close look at deductibles.  For example, if you have a choice between a lower silver plan premium of $345 a month for a plan with a $5,500 deductible, and a higher gold plan premium at $465 a month with a $1,750 deductible, you may be better off with the second plan if you anticipate needing more than $1,500 in medical care.  With the second plan, your total annual cost for the premium and deductible comes to $7,330, a $2,310 savings over the lower premium plan.

Common Reasons to Carry Short Term Health Insurance
  • Affordability.  Many major health insurance options are expensive for the kind of coverage a family may need.  Short-term might be a more affordable solution.
  • Medicaid Ineligibility.  Short-term health insurance may often provide coverage to those who might not qualify for Medicaid or lower-cost Affordable Health Care plans.
  • Employment Gap.  If you receive health insurance through your employer and are between plans or jobs, short-term health insurance can help cover you and your family.
  • Network.  If you live in a rural area or an area with few healthcare providers, short-term health insurance may help expand your options.
  • Sufficient.  The new short-term plans are designed to be a stand-alone product.  There is a good chance that a short-term health insurance plan will perfectly meet your needs.

Will I need gap insurance?
Medical expenses in Fort Myers can become very costly, very quickly.  Whether it's for the occasional accident, a serious unforeseen illness, or simply a wellness checkup, short-term gap insurance is strongly recommended to keep you and your family covered in the case of unforeseen medical emergencies.

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