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3 Steps To Finding Health Insurance in Dallas, Texas

There's a whole lot to consider if you are in need of a good health insurance plan.   Compounding the problem, is the fact that shopping for health insurance is not something you do every day.  So, unless you are a licensed insurance agent, chances are health insurance lingo is not all that familiar.  There are a lot of important issues and you are not up to speed on any of them. 

Why searching for affordable coverage can be so frustrating.

There are countless reasons why it is so difficult to find quality health insurance these days.  We will focus on just a few.  For starters, currently the health insurance industry is in a state of flux.  There are shifting rules and guidelines that are affecting the health insurance industry in a myriad of unpredictable ways.  The U.S. consumer is generally undecided about what kind of health care system they truly want.  Should it be a system that guarantees coverage for everyone - structured in a way similar to Medicare?  Or should a system that is entirely managed by the private sector be the way to go?  As a country, we have yet to make up our minds.

Secondly, there are a not enough dedicated health plan brokers that are willing to go that extra mile to assist an individual or family find the best health insurance coverage for their needs.  Much of the one-on-one personal service that the previous generation had come to expect, simply doesn't exist today.

The good news is, you have landed upon a first-rate source for assistance.  We are experienced professionals and are happy to help.  Read on for tips on how to find great health insurance coverage in Dallas, Texas.  When you finish this article, be sure to give us a ring.

Step Number 1.  Check with your employer

This is the logical first step.  Whether your employer provides a health insurance package for their employees doesn't matter.  Employers almost always have extensive knowledge concerning health insurance issues - even if they don't offer it.  Bring up the subject with your supervisor.  Ask what he/she knows about it.  You will likely be surprised.

Interesting Fact:  In studies, the artificial intelligence (AI) technology used in some online health services for preliminary screening before connecting patients with a doctor actually outperformed real physicians in terms of reaching an accurate diagnosis, CNN reported.  AI technology correctly diagnosed conditions in 81 percent of patients, compared to a 72 percent average for accurate diagnoses among real physicians over a five-year period.

Group Insurance Through Your Employer

If your employer offers health insurance benefits and you qualify, your health insurance search just might be over.  Find out as much as you can about their employee package, as soon as possible.  There may be a time delay before you can qualify for benefits.  If so, you may need to pick up a Short-Term insurance plan to cover the time that you are ineligible for coverage.  Whatever you do, don't go without coverage.  It's not worth the risk

What if your employer does not offer group insurance?

If your Dallas employer does not offer group health insurance, or the waiting period to qualify if prohibitively long, you should purchase your own private insurance.  Gather what information you can from your employer and co-workers and begin your research online.

Baylor University Medical Center - health insurance
Baylor University Medical Center
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Telephone: (214) 820-0111
Plus Code: Q6Q9+6X Dallas, Texas

Good to know:  Be up front about finances.  Are you short on cash?  Do you have a high insurance deductible?  Don't be embarrassed to tell your doctor or dentist.  He may be able to suggest less costly treatment options or even agree to lower fees.  "Try to negotiate the fee you pay before or at the time you make your appointment and/or offer to pay cash," suggests Ruth Linden of Tree of Life Health Advocates.  "Some physicians will agree to accept a reduced rate, if you inform them you are experiencing difficult financial circumstances." In fact, a Wall Street Journal/Harris Interactive poll found that three out of five people who negotiated with their doctors received discounts.
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Step Number 2.  Check with the Texas department of insurance.

Visit: The Texas Department of Insurance.  This government site will help you discover which health insurance plans are available in Dallas, Texas.  Also visit:  This is where you can review the Affordable Care Act health plan options.  You will find a wealth of information on health plans and health insurance companies that are available in Dallas.  Keep in mind,, may not have an ideal solution for your circumstance.  You may not qualify for an ACA plan, or you may have missed their relatively narrow open enrollment period.

3.  Contact a health plan specialist.

Speaking with a true health insurance specialist will be the best way to sum up all the information you acquired and turn it into a smart health plan choice.  When it comes to choosing the right health care plan, knowledge and expertise are the most important factors.

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