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4 Tips to Finding Health Insurance in Louisville, Kentucky

There are a great deal of factors to consider when trying to select a quality health insurance plan.   To say it can be confusing is an understatement.   If you are not an insurance agent that delves into this issue all the time, knowing the important keys to your search, is quite difficult.

Why finding affordable health care is so difficult.

There are several factors that contribute to the difficulties of finding quality health insurance.  First off, the health insurance landscape is changing.  The rules and guidelines have been in constant flux.  As a country, we are largely undecided about what kind of health care system we truly want.

Secondly, there are not as many focused health insurance agents that are willing to take the time to guide you and your family to the ideal plan.  It is a shop online world these days.  A lot of the personal touch that the previous generation had grown accustomed to, is non-existent today.  It's just far more difficult to get the help you need.

However, not to worry.  You have found an excellent source for assistance.  Read on for tips on how to find great health insurance coverage in Louisville, Kentucky.  And when you finish this article, be sure to give us a call.

Health plan possibilities include:

  • Traditional health insurance through
  • Short-term insurance.  (In Louisville, Kentucky, you can keep the same short-term plan for as long as 3 years. )
  • Faith-Based Healthcare coverage.  (Sometimes called Healthcare sharing plans)
Which health plan direction you choose should depend upon your healthcare needs, and of course, your financial budget.  

Issues to consider are:
  • What size of deductible am I comfortable with?
  • What are my total costs should I become ill and require medical attention?
  • How does my medical history affect which plan I decide upon?
  • Am I comfortable with the health plans network of physicians and hospitals?
  • What type of plan do I need?

All these questions and many more need to be answered prior to buying an insurance plan. 

Good to know:  Be up front about finances.  Are you short on cash?  Do you have a high insurance deductible?  Don't be embarrassed to tell your doctor or dentist.  He may be able to suggest less costly treatment options or even agree to lower fees.  "Try to negotiate the fee you pay before or at the time you make your appointment and/or offer to pay cash," suggests Ruth Linden of Tree of Life Health Advocates.  "Some physicians will agree to accept a reduced rate, if you inform them you are experiencing difficult financial circumstances." In fact, a Wall Street Journal/Harris Interactive poll found that three out of five people who negotiated with their doctors received discounts.
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Traditional Insurance
In Louisville, traditional insurance can be found by visiting  They have for plan styles: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.   Each style offers different levels of benefits to the insured.  The Bronze Plans offer the lowest monthly premium, but should you have a medical incident, you will end up paying more out of pocket, toward medical bills.  The Platinum Plan is on the opposite side of the spectrum.   Offering plans that pay more toward medical bills.   However, Platinum Plans are the most expensive health plan options on the health insurance exchange.  Depending upon your income, you may qualify for a government subsidy.   The subsidy can cover a significant portion of your monthly premium, leaving you with a nominal monthly premium for the plan you select. 
After deciding on which of the 4 health plan options offered through Healthcare. gov, you will need to choose a plan style.   Choices include:

  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
  • Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO)
  • Point of Service Plan Point of Service Plan (POS)

The differences between the types of plans are whether you can seek medical care out of network and if procedures and specialists require a special referral.  For example, HMOs require you to stay in network to get coverage (unless the medical care is an emergency).

Coming soon: All about Short-term plans in Louisville.

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