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Florida Short Term Health Insurance

Short Term Health Insurance in Florida refers to medical insurance that provides protection against unexpected health care expenses.  In Florida, policies can be purchased from 30 days to 3 years.  The application process is simple - only a few qualifying questions to answer.  Coverage can begin as early as the next day.

Interesting Fact:  Paying for health care is the number 1 cause of bankruptcy filing every year in the U.S.  Almost 2 million people need to file bankruptcy because they cannot pay their medical bills each year, and outside of bankruptcy, over 20 percent of the population (about 56 million adults) between the ages of 19 and 64 struggle with health-care related bills each year.
What is Short Term Health Insurance?
The first thing to do is define short term health insurance.  There are two parts to this: What short term health insurance was, and what short term health insurance is now.

In the not too recent past, short term health insurance was designed just for short term situations.  The health insurance term duration ranged from several months to a year. 
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This type of health insurance was for individuals who needed temporary medical insurance, or for individuals who could not afford traditional health insurance.  It was used mostly by employees who frequently changed jobs, or employees waiting for their group health insurance plan to kick in.  Often, young adults would select a short term health insurance plan because of its affordability.  The rationale being they could purchase a traditional health insurance plan once they were more financially established.  The actual medical coverage was strictly for hospitalization.  Doctor visit benefits, preventative services, or prescription drug benefits, were unheard of.

Today's short term health insurance plans are quite different.  In Florida, many short term health insurance plans offer doctor visit copay benefits, preventative services, prescription drug benefits, and more.  There are now short term health plans available in Florida that can be held for up to three years before a new application is needed.

The short term medical insurance benefit structure is beginning to look a lot like traditional health insurance plans.  The Florida community has noticed.  Short-term health insurance is becoming an ideal health insurance solution for a growing number of Florida families.

Good to know:  Pay less for prescriptions.  Go generic, for starters.  In almost every case, generics are just as good as name brands and are much cheaper, says Catherine Tom-Revzon, a pharmacist at The Children's Hospital at Montefiore, in New York City.  Second, compare costs since prices vary significantly from store to store.  Your best bet may be a warehouse club like Costco or Sam's Club.  (You don't even need to be a member.) Another option: If your plan has a mail order pharmacy, you might be able to get 90 days' worth of prescriptions mailed to you for two co-pays.
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Short term health insurance is not for every circumstance.  It lacks several of the guaranteed benefits that are part of the Affordable Care Act portfolio of plans.  However, There are several notable advantages.

  • Affordability.  Traditional Health insurance options can be very costly.  A short term health insurance plan will likely be a more affordable solution.
  • Employment Gap.  If you receive health insurance through your employer and are between plans or jobs, short-term health insurance can help cover you and your family for the interim.
  • Network.  If you live in an area with few healthcare providers, short-term insurance may help expand your options.
  • Near immediate coverage.  In most cases, you can qualify and be covered by a short term health insurance plan within 24 hours.

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