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Finding Health Insurance in Tampa, Florida

Finding health insurance in Tampa, Fl can be quite confusing.  Tampa is a big place.  Sometimes the bigger the city, the harder it is to find useful information or assistance.  Tampa, Florida is no exception.
There are scores of factors that you will want to take into account when trying to find the ideal health insurance plan for yourself or your family members.  These factors include which type of health plan should you consider - HMO, PPO, POS, EPO, etc.?  Do you want to go through, or do you want a plan that falls outside of the ACA regulations?  Perhaps a short-term plan will work.    In some instances, you may keep a short-term plan without interruption for up to 3 years.  How about a Healthcare sharing plan?  Such a plan can be both flexible and affordable.

All of the above options are available in Florida.  You need only to choose which health plan option will best meet your needs. 
This can be difficult, but with the right, expert help, quite doable. 

One of the simplest means of acquiring a health plan, is to purchase a plan on  To purchase a plan via, you will need to apply during the open enrollment period.  This period is normally about a month and a half long, and occurs during the fall of every year.  This is the only time you may enroll unless you qualify for enrollment due to special circumstances.  If you fall within a certain specific income bracket, you may qualify for subsides, which are income-based discounts on the monthly premiums.

There are several health plan options that are available to you, that are not part of the Affordable Care Act portfolio.  They include short-term health plans, (which are not so short anymore) and healthcare sharing plans, (Sometimes referred to as faith-based health plans).

After deciding on where you plan to purchase your health insurance, the next step is to decide which type of plan is best for you. These plan types include: Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Exclusive Provider Organization, or a Point of Service Plan (POS), and more.  The structures of the various plans are quite different.  Be sure to seek assistance from a licensed insurance agent, if you are not intimately aware of unique health plan differences. The impact of purchasing the wrong plan can be emotionally and financially significant.

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Once you have selected a plan type, you should look at the size of the health care network and estimated out-of-pocket costs.   Any insurance plan summary will lay out how much you may likely pay out of pocket, for deductibles, copayments, and co-insurance, should you encounter a medical circumstance.   Generally, the lower the premium the higher your out-of-pocket-costs.

The final step is to compare the offered benefits with your family's specific medical needs. This consists of making sure that the plan provides for any needed medications, coverage during travel, and any reoccurring care required.

Good to know:  Want to really know the particulars concerning a health care plan?  Request the "evidence of coverage" document associated with the plan.  The evidence of coverage document is what you need if you want to understand in perfect detail, exactly what a health care plan covers.  You will find a thorough explanation of benefits, exceptions, and exclusions.  The evidence of coverage document provides details that may not be listed in that glossy plan brochure, or any online verbiage detailing plan benefits.  In most circumstances, this document is legally required to be associated with most any health plan policy.  It is available to consumers.  You need only to ask.

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